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If you are in the market to buy a home, you are probably aware of the many advantages home ownership provides (tax shelter, appreciation, security, etc).

If you are actively seeking to purchase a home via a lease purchase agreement, you are either:

  1. A very smart renter
  2. A very smart real estate investor
  3. Cannot purchase a home through conventional means

or any combination of the above.

Minimum Cash out of pocket

Conventional purchase agreements require that you pay between 10% and 20% of the purchase price as a cash down payment plus closing costs. Median house prices in Central Florida are great but still putting home ownership out of reach for many home buyers.

With our RENT 2 OWN Program you can put as little as 3%-5% cash down as option consideration plus, up to 50% of the rent you pay will be applied to the purchase of your home. Often, your option consideration can be paid in lieu of deposits and security with 100 % credited toward the price at the time you exercise your option to purchase.

Faster equity growth

Equity can accumulate up to 5 times faster than with conventional financing.

Quick move in time

You can typically take possession of the home in a week or less after executing the contracts. Conventional financing takes much longer after contract signings.

                             ADVANTAGES FOR BUYERS


  1. Low down payment to get into property. The smart, modern way to buy real estate!
  2. Qualification restrictions are not as great as in conventional financing.
  3. Past credit problems are not usually a road block, as they would be in the case of conventional financing procedures.
  4. The option consideration - down payment - is fully credited (one hundred percent) to the purchase price of the property.
  5. Your rent money is finally working for you, for a change . . . (no longer merely collecting rent receipts)! Part of your rent payment can be credited to the purchase price if paid on time.
  6. Purchase price is usually locked-in ahead of time (prior to close of escrow). That assures you of increased equity in the property when you buy it if appreciation has occurred.
  7. Appreciation is the name for any increase in value of a property over a period of time in those cases in which the fair market value goes up in the future.
  8. Gives you sufficient time to check out all the features (and faults) of the house.
  9. Time to check out the neighborhood: schools, churches, temples, synagogues, nearby shopping malls, health care facilities, recreational amenities, your next door neighbor (does he play loud music or run a power saw at 2:00 A.M.?) before you actually buy the house. Important!
  10. Puts you in legal control of a property for a specified period of time without having to actually own the property (and the responsibilities).
  11. Time to shop for and obtain the best financing.
  12. Leverage (using as little of your own money as possible to purchase a really nice house!)
  13. Opportunity to get into a choice residential property at the right time, for little money down.
  14. No taxes or insurance to pay . . . the owner does that.
  15. Major maintenance and repairs are the responsibility of the owner; you take care of nothing but minor maintenance.
  16. It's obvious that lease purchasing with an option to buy is much more advantageous than merely renting or immediately buying a house without, first, checking out the neighborhood and the various financing packages which may be available to you. Why rush yourself.

Property List of

Rent 2 Own! EZ Qualifying!!



1.- Remodel 2 Bed room 2 Bath Home, New Kitchen Appliances,
w/ ceramic tile & large back yard    **Pictures & More Info**

2.- Single Family 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Home with huge fenced yard
       in downtown Saint Cloud            **Pictures & More Info**                  "SOLD"

3.- Beautiful 2 Bedroom Townhome w Garage & Community Pool,
      Tennis Courts, BasketBall Courts & More  **Pictures & More Info** "SOLD"



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