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2% Buyer’s Savings*

If you purchase any of our selected homes on sale by Century 21 Diamond Properties directly and without going through another Office; we will pay you 2% of the final sale price.   No other conditions required.   Sample: For a $250,000 property, this amounts to a $5,000 savings in cash to the buyer.   Call me for full details.

Here is How It Works:

1.       Many of our sellers have opted for a plan that allows us to offer this incentive.   

2.       No other agent from any other office can be involved in the transaction.

3.       Our savings will translate to your gain as 2% of the purchase price pay directly to you.  
You can use the money any way you want to.

Do not wait to take advantage of this amazing program!

* This offer cannot be combined with other offers

Buy Your New Home with
Century 21 Diamond Properties 
and Receive a Rebate!

How much of a rebate do I get?

If you purchase your home through Century 21 Diamond Properties we will rebate up to 1% of the purchase price back to you.
Example: You purchase a home for $200,000, you would get a $2,000 rebate back!

What are the advantages?

Well obviously the rebate is a great advantage. Another advantage is having us on your side. We represent you as a buyer. If you buy direct from the builder (which is not all that bad) you get no representation. We will walk you through the home selection, picking colors, lot selection, help arrange financing, walk you through the escrow process all the way until the final walk-through. Remember you don't pay us for this, we give you a rebate!

A Few Important Things You Need To Understand.

1. You must call or email Century 21 Diamond Properties and ask for Julio M. Morales first so we can register you with the builders. If we don't register you first, we don't get any commission and you don't get the rebate.

2. If you happen to be out driving around and see a subdivision that holds some interest- CALL US FIRST! We may be able to register you by phone or fax. Otherwise, wait and we'll send an agent out to accompany you on the first visit. This is critical. Keep in mind, we have agents available 7 days a week and can meet you at a moments notice.

3. The price of the home you are going to purchase will stay the same whether you use a Realtor or not. In other words, if you register with us and you take advantage of the rebate, the price of the home you are buying will NOT go up. Builders do not offer these rebates to buyers that buy direct from them.

So Why Are You Doing This?

Century 21 Diamond Properties & Julio M. Morales is committed to saving you money and in return our business has grown. Let's face it, you walk into a subdivision without us and buy a house, the price doesn't go down, you won't get cash back at closing, you get no personal representation, and we don't make anything either. We believe we have created a win-win situation for both of us. I'm sure you would agree.

So How Do I Get Started?

Simple?send an email to us at or call (407) 846-1114 and ask for Julio M. Morales. If you are emailing us, make sure you provide us with your name, phone number, email address, and the area you are looking to buy a home in. If you would like us to mail, fax, or email you a list of builders, please specify that in your message. We look forward to hearing from you!

Call Century 21 Diamond Properties TODAY for answers to your real estate questions and to take immediate advantage of our C-21 Buyer Rebate Program by calling (407)846-1114 ask for Julio M. Morales or email me at